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Project Integration Services

Project Integration Services

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Giving full play to its capacities in integrating industry, commerce and trade in medical field, the company actively undertakes domestic and foreign public health projects to provide onestop service and turnkey projects by way of bidding, investment, business model upgrades, etc. based on the existing domestic policy loans, government projects, foreign aid and other pharmaceutical integrated projects.
1. Government Projects

The company has overseas branches and resident working teams in many countries and regions such as Brazil,Ecuador, Colombia, Mexico, the Middle East, North Africa, etc. The company actively expands the public medical and health field, and mainly deals with medical products such as pharmaceuticals, APIs, medical equipment and consumables products.
In Latin America, the company vigorously promotes the spirit of “care for life and pursuit of excellence”, actively contributes to the local society, and has participated in many volunteer service and charitable activities.
2. Medical Projects

The company is committed to the management and maintenance of bidding projects for high-end, and focuses on the introduction and promotion of high-end medical technology products and treatment technology. Nowadays,the company has established business cooperation with universities, CDCs,inspection and quarantine institutions, research institutes and medical institutions.
As a world-class brand equipment certified import agent and distributor,the company actively serves the major medical institutions in China by integrating the resources within the system, reaching strategic cooperation with competitive enterprises, getting access to the dealership of competitive brands and etc. Today, the company can provide hospitals with one-stop services such as import, transportation, inspection, installation and training on brand equipment.