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Contact zip code: 100061

Mobile number: 010-67107218

Contact email: trade@mehecointl.com.cn

Address: No. 18, Guangming Middle Street, Dongcheng District, Beijing

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China Meheco International Co., Ltd.

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Company Culture

Company Culture

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  • Core Values of the Enterprise:
       Customer first: shape the future with services; peopleoriented: create values with collaboration.

  • Enterprise Culture:
       To Make Life Healthier.

  • Enterprise Spirit:
       Far-sighted, innovative for breakthroughs, courage to bear the responsibility, and dedicated.

  • Enterprise Vision:
       Based on the import and export of pharmaceuticals, medicine and health products, we will focus on building
       an international marketing system and become a leading international integrated service provider and
       platform in the field of medicine and health.