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China Meheco International Co., Ltd.

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Company Profile

Company Profile

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China Meheco International Co., Ltd.

In 1983, China National Medicines and Health Products Import and Export Corporation, the predecessor of China Meheco International Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "China Meheco")was officially founded. As the first professional company engaged in pharmaceutical importand export trade in China, China Meheco governs the national import and export industry of the pharmaceutical and health products.

Relying on the international business experience and platform over the years, China Meheco aims at being a leading International integrated service providers and platform service provider in the field of medicine and health, and bridges high-end resources and mass markets at home and abroad. The company can provide our customers with a wide range of products and comprehensive service solutions in the fields of pharmaceuticals, APIs, medical equipment, medical consumables, government procurement, construction of hospitals and pharmaceutical factories, bidding business, and foreign aid projects.

After nearly 35 years of development, today the company has two mature business sectors of pharmaceutical health trade and project integration services. It has overseas branches and resident working teams in Mexico, Brazil, Ecuador, Colombia, the Middle East, North Africa and other countries and regions; has established a subsidiary in Hong Kong - the Meheco (Hong Kong) International Co., Ltd.; and has agencies in Zhejiang and Guangzhou.