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Medicine and Health Trade

Medicine and Health Trade

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The import and export trade of medicine and health products is the company's traditional business with its own characteristics andadvantages. With its business scope covering raw materials, pharmaceutical preparations, intermediates, biological products, medical equipment, diagnostic reagents, dressing supplies, and health care products, the company offers medicine and health products and professional service integrated solutions on both international and domestic markets.
1. Import Business

In the field of imports, the company’s business scope covers the import and domestic sales of chemical raw materials,
western medicine preparations, biological products, diagnostic products, medical consumables, blood station equipment, health products and other products. By building national and regional marketing networks, the company can provide customers with comprehensive solutions for product registration, import, warehousing, logistics, and bonded services.
The company has diversified business models such as domestic exclusive distribution, self-support import, national distribution, direct selling via outlets, and import agent. It maintains good cooperative relations with many internationally renowned pharmaceutical manufacturers such as AbbVie, Glaxo, MSD, Beckman and Nippon Zoki Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., thus providing one-stop service for its products to enter the Chinese market.
The company's sales network covers hospitals, domestic medical and health care product distributors, pharmaceutical production enterprises, research institutes, inspection and quarantine institutions, provincial and municipal blood stations and research institutes. Covering major infectious disease hospitals nationwide, the company cooperates with a number of terminal pharmacies in the field of anti-viral drug sales.
Adhering to the professional advantages of traditional import and export trade and healthcare products business, the company specializes in dietary supplements, traditional tonics and personal care products, and has a variety of business models such as crossborder e-commerce trade, general import trade and customized brand production.
2. Export Business

In the field of exports, the company focuses on the supply of core products such as pharmaceutical raw materials,
intermediates, preparations, medical devices, dressing consumables and biological products through strategic cooperation, bidding, registration for featured products, in-depth marketing, business model upgrading and investment, etc. The company's main operating varieties include antibiotics, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular drugs, respiratory and digestive drugs, anti-HIV drugs, medical dressings, and diagnostic products. Its overseas markets cover Europe, America, Asia, Africa, Oceania and other countries and region.
With many years of experience in the overseas medical market, the company has established long-term strategic cooperation with many well-known pharmaceutical manufacturers, and can provide customers with professional one-stop complete solutions for hospitals and departments with its products, technical support, consulting and design services. The company has outstanding advantages in the field of pharmaceutical intermediates. Over the years, it has been focusing on the export of advanced intermediates such as anti-tumor, anti-virus and anti-AIDS medicines, and can provide customized services for advanced pharmaceutical intermediates.
At the same time, the company made full use of the national“Belt and Road” policy opportunities, actively explored new business areas such as overseas pharmaceutical factory construction, hospital construction and renovation, and promoted the export of Chinese high-quality pharmaceutical products.