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Company Advantage

Company Advantage

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1. Advantage of central enterprises platform and powerful financing ability

The company is a state-owned enterprise that has grown up with the transformation of the pharmaceutical industry. With a clear development orientation within the China General Technology (Group) Holding., Ltd. and China Meheco system, the company is able to fully integrate the upstream and downstream resources of the supply chain, enjoys the advantages for state-owned enterprises such as national policy support, and smooth supervision and communication, has obvious competitiveness in terms of obtaining major projects led by the state, enjoys high social credit and industry recognition.
The company has outstanding capital and resource advantages - it has long-term business cooperation with policy bank and other state-owned or commercial banks, and carries out intergovernmental cooperation in many countries.
2. Improving business networks and realizing complete terminal coverage

The company's internationalization has significant core advantages. Its international marketing network covers 100+ countries and regions around the world. In addition, the company has has 60+ largre Well-known patners and 1,000+ kinds of import and export products, and has branches and overseas resident working teams in many overseas countries and regions. Up to now, the company has successfully implemented 100+ projects.
Relying on resources within the system, the company has established a business network throughout the country, and it can directly cover 20,000+ medical institutions, 1,000+ Grade III-A hospitals. Today, the company has 50,000+ commercial customers.
3. Integrated service platform and quality brand effect

By coordinating international and domestic network resources, the company has gradually established an integrated service platform with relatively strong terminal network coverage capability, agency distribution capability and industrial value chain integration synergy. Multiple kinds of products possesse leading advantage in the market.
With a domestic leading and distinctive international trade platform, the company has products integrating and introducing capabilities, distribution network management capabilities, control capabilities for terminal channel and academic promotion capabilities for high-end products. The company's brand "MEHECO" is well-known at home and abroad.
4. Efficient talent team and comprehensive service capabilities

The company has a professional foreign trade talent team with background of comprehensive knowledge on international trade and medicine and health. The team can provide customers with professional integrated services with rigorous craftsmanship, excellent foreign language skills, international business skills, project management skills, expertise and technical level in medicine and health care related fields.
5. Quality control system and registration support

The company has established a complete quality and logistics management system - it integrates CE, ISO and other management systems with the company system and process management system, and tracks and controls the risk points of various trade links throughout the process.
The company has a professional international registration team, which can effectively integrate international registration resources, and can create a platform for new business cultivation and development by expanding export business and introducing product resources through registration. At present, the company has obtained dozens of registration certificates for its medical products in many countries from Asia, Africa, South America and other regions.
6. Modern logistics system and integrated comprehensive services

The company has modern logistics and warehouse centers in many places, which can provide customers with integrated supply chain services. At the same time, the company can take advantage of bonded logistics to provide a package of services including import customs clearance and inspection.
The Beijing Logistics Center covers an area of 20,000 square meters and consists of an automated 3D warehouse, a threestorey warehouse and a cold storage. The bonded warehouse covers an area of about 3,300 square meters and it stores goods through horizontal layout with high shelf.